Simple guide to tweet chats

What is a tweet chat?

A tweet chat is an online conversation held on twitter connected by people tweeting using a hashtag (#).

Usually the tweet chat is moderated and focused on a specific topic.
How do I join a tweet chat?

To join a tweet chat, the first thing you need to do is search the hashtag for the chat, e.g. #thebigconversation

Then scroll down the results to catch up with the conversation. Often moderators will start by introducing the topic, asking participants to introduce themselves and kicking off the conversation with a question.

When you feel ready to join in, write your response and don’t forget to include the hashtag so others can follow your contribution.

How do I keep up with all the responses?

The simple answer is that you don’t. Tweet chats are often like trees, there is a main trunk led by the moderator and then lots of branches. You probably won’t keep up with all the branches but some may particularly interest you. Always worth checking the moderators account every now and again to keep track of where the main trunk of the conversation is going.

Tools which can help keep up with the conversation.

Tweet deck and Hoot suite are two popular apps to help manage tweet chats.

Other useful tips

Remember to unlock your account if it is closed
If you have something specific you want to share and know in advance, it might be worth preparing a tweet or two especially if you have links. Put them into your twitter draft box and tweet them out when you are ready
Check your mentions box throughout the tweet chat (easier if you are using tweet deck or hoot suite)
Remember your tweets are available for all to see.
Don’t forget to put the hashtag on every tweet.
Check out this Tinder Foundation guide for general advice on using twitter


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