Health and Well-being Citizenship Resources:


A mixture of research and information articles, publications and websites which showcase

principles, approaches and stories of community development and citizenship in health and well-being

NESTA co-production catalogue 

NESTA the business case for people power health 

SCIE Co-production and participation:older people with high support needs 

Asset Based Community Development Resources 

Edgar Cahn No More Throw Away People

NHS III Putting Patients First: what do we really mean

DH Better Health, Better Experience, Better Engagement 

HELP Empowering Communities for Health

HELP literature review 

International Journal for Quality in Healthcare: Impact of patient and public involvement on UK NHS health care: A systematic review 

DH Smart Guides for engagment 

NICE Public Health Guidance: Community Engagement Note 9

Tricia Nicoll Consulting Co-Production – how are you doing

Wansworth CCG Toolkit 

NHS Lambeth Audit tool for engagement 

NHS Lambeth Health and Well-being Board Charter 

SCIE Towards co-production: taking participation to the next level 

CAF Lessons Learnt Coproduction

The impact of patient and public involvement 

Bring it on 

Kings Fund Leadership for Patient Engagement 

Fling open your doors

LMU Developing an assessment tool for evaluating community involvement

LMU People in Public Health 

Embedding patient and public engagement in local commissioning 

Macmillan Cancer Support Making user involvement effective 

BMJ Dr Jonathon Tomlinson We must join forces with our patients 

AJPA Co-production and Health System Report – From Re-imaging to Re-making

Pathways through participation: what creates and sustains active citizenship?

Shared decision making Shared decision making 

HSJ Different strokes for different folks 

PC3 Becoming a person centred commissioning organisation

High Impact Changes for CCGs 

Kings Fund The Patient-Centred Care Project 

NIHR Exploring the relationship between patients experiences of care and the influence of staff motivation and well-being 

How to reconcile participation and representation 

Health Foundation What is Coproduction? 

Picker Institute 

NEF In this together 

Co-production A manifesto for growing the core economy 

The New Zealand Medical Journal Improving Healthcare through the use of co-design

Health Affairs: Patient Engagement 

Scottish Council Participation Toolkit 

Ten Attributes of Health Literate Health Care Organisations 

Decision aids for people facing health treatment or screening decisions

Responsible Recovery 

From Fairytale to reality 

Making Shared Decision Making a Reality 

The Magic Programme 

VAW Involving people: a practical guide

Why active citizenship should be at the heart of the NHS 

Coproduction of Care Young Foundation 

NHSE Transforming Participation in health and social care guidance 

APPG on Global Health Patient Empowerment  


Health Foundation Helping Measure Person Centred Care 

Health Foundation Measuring Patient Experience 

CLAHRC The contribution of social networks to the health and self management of people with long term conditions.

UEL Review of Community Development Approaches to Health Promotion 

Public Health England Health and Well-being; Community Centred Approaches

Health Foundation At the Heart of Health: Realising the Value

National Voices Six Principles for Engaging People and Communities 


If you have any other great citizenship resources please do post via the comments below…


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